Here’s what I wore to my first day at my new job. The weather report called for a bit of cold and a bunch of rain (of which there ended up being none) and I had a 40 minute commute downtown via MUNI. So, I thought I would dress warmly and wear low-heeled, closed-toe shoes. It didn’t go quite so well. I hadn’t realized how much my feet would slide around due to the tights and my toes kept jamming painfully into the front of the shoes. AND THEN, I didn’t get to loom menacingly over anyone. Boo.

Shoe miscalculations aside, it was a pretty good day. Everyone was super nice and it looks as though I’ll have lots of fun stuff to work on. PLUS, the office is just packed with awesomeness! Here are several pics from today…

Today we appropriated this awesome leopard chaise from one of the common areas. It now sits immediately behind my desk. I called dibs. So, you know, stay the fuck off this chaise or I will cut you.

All the conference rooms in the building are named after games or locations in games. The one above is from Red Dead Redemption, possibly my favorite game of 2010.

Above is “Aperture Science” from Portal.

And OMFG, an entire conference room dedicated to Fallout 3!!! I pretty much lost my shit when I saw this. That, my friends, is a life-sized Brotherhood of Steel statue!!! There are not enough exclamation points in the world to express my delight. If there hadn’t been a meeting going on in there at the time, I feel fairly certain I would have burst through the door and into a million pieces from all the awesome. LOOK AT THIS STUFF:

Nuka-Cola bottle caps!

Nuka-Cola Quantum!

And… just a few more miscellaneous pics:

Hope you had an excellent Monday!

Oh, yeah! Outfit components:

  • knit striped skirt from Anthropologie.
  • silk sweater from Nordstrom.
  • leather belt from Bloomingdales.
  • tights from Spanx.
  • clogs from Swedish Hasbeens.