As much as I enjoy making things, I don’t necessarily NEED all the stuff I make. I kinda already have a ton of stuff. The fact that I hardly needed to buy anything in order to make my last few DIY projects should be evidence enough of this fact.

So, I was thinking that I would do a little giveaway of the items I DIY on this here blog. Want some stuff?


    1) I am not a professional! These were all quickie projects created by me, on the fly. They will most certainly NOT be totally kick-ass awesome perfection.
    2) I would really prefer not to have to spend a ton of money on shipping the items I give away. So, unfortunately, the giveaway is limited to residents of the United States, for the moment. Items will be shipped by regular ol’ mail.

Still want stuff? Just leave me a comment saying which item you want and I’ll send you a message to confirm your mailing address, etc. One item per person, first come, first served.

If I’m away from my computer and cannot approve your comment for a little bit, fret not! I will count the comments in the order received, according to their time stamp.

Here’s the stuff that’s available. I’ll cross stuff out as it’s picked.

Shoe Clips:

  • buttons
  • neon orange pompoms
  • neon pink pompoms
  • hot pink yo-yos
  • pink & green yo-yos
  • light green beads
  • neon green pompoms
  • yellow pompoms


  • yellow twine & silver necklace
  • white twine & silver necklace


  • green ribbon & hex nut bracelet
  • cream fabric & hex nut bracelet

So… yeah… stuff. Want some?