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Here’s what I wore to my first day at my new job. The weather report called for a bit of cold and a bunch of rain (of which there ended up being none) and I had a 40 minute commute downtown via MUNI. So, I thought I would dress warmly and wear low-heeled, closed-toe shoes. It didn’t go quite so well. I hadn’t realized how much my feet would slide around due to the tights and my toes kept jamming painfully into the front of the shoes. AND THEN, I didn’t get to loom menacingly over anyone. Boo.

Shoe miscalculations aside, it was a pretty good day. Everyone was super nice and it looks as though I’ll have lots of fun stuff to work on. PLUS, the office is just packed with awesomeness! Here are several pics from today… Read the rest of this entry »


I had an exceptionally busy week and next week will be even busier. I’ve landed a brand new position at a games publisher and start on Monday.

This is kind of a huge deal to me. (As you may know, I am a wicked hardcore console gamer.) I’ve done some marketing and communications consulting in the video games industry in the past, but this will be my first full-time position. What’s most amazing about this new position, though, is that I’ll be working in production. I’m essentially starting over completely in an entirely new field, moving from a Marketing VP to an Associate Producer. It’s kinda crazy, but I couldn’t be more excited. Seriously, I feel incredibly fortunate that I’m getting this opportunity. Marketing is okay and all, but now I’ll be MAKING GAMES.

I’m not sure how the new position will affect my blogging, but I have every intention of keeping the blog up and running with new posts popping up as frequently as possible. The next week may be a bit slow for posts as I transition into the new job and new commute, but I’ll figure it out.

Anywho, how about some pictures?

During some recent internet window shopping, I stumbled upon an unsettling trend: tiny hats. What is with these tiny hats? Are there women who fear their heads simply do not appear large enough and who must compensate by wearing a doll’s hat? Is “hydroencephalitic” a look we are actively attempting to cultivate? I am confused and befuddled. As a person with a rather enormous noggin, it has never occurred to me to accentuate this fact. “I have the head of a giant and mock your mortal accessories! They are as a child’s plaything to me! Look on my head, ye mighty, and despair!

Personally, I approach with apprehension any trend that can be traced back to Homer Simpson — particularly Homer Simpson as a prison snitch:

Though he does seem to be enjoying that tiny hat immensely.

From left to right:

Edited to Add: Tim & Eric recognized this market long ago: VIDEO.

P.S. No Weekend DIY this weekend, just video games! My copy of Dragon Age 2 arrived on Tuesday and I haven’t even opened it yet — unheard of in Mariebee gaming!

Let’s hear it for my first month of blogging! Now, the stats:

Total Posts: 18
Outfit Posts: 5
Completed DIY projects: 1.5
Photos including a dog: 5
Pounds lost: 3 (Less than my goal, but not a bad start.)

So, how did I do? Well…

After only 28 days of keeping this blog, I must say I am feeling the results. Sure, I haven’t decreased in mass to any significant degree, but I know that my attempts at getting healthy are having their effect. I can now run up the stairs to my house without passing out (FYI: I have a pretty serious heart condition, so if anyone sees my boyfriend, I NEVER RUN UP STAIRS, because that would be risky and dumb. You follow me?) I can also walk up the hill to the grocery store without getting winded. These are significant improvements to my everyday existence.

The most significant improvement is simply that I am no longer afraid of actually seeing myself. It sounds ludicrous, I know, but it’s honestly how I’ve been living for years – total avoidance. But now, I can look at the photos I take, many of which are absolutely terrible, without flinching. I identify completely with the person in the picture and I am okay with that.

Anyway, I’d like to thank all of you who have been reading this blog and lending me your support. This has been kind of terrifying and strange, but you’ve been really super awesome with all your… awesome. If you were standing right here, I would give you a crazy hug. Animal style.

More to come.

Let me be the first to say that obesity is a serious problem reaching near epidemic proportions in the United States. Being overweight puts one at an elevated risk for a number of health issues, including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and polycistic ovary syndrome.

I’m not writing this blog to celebrate obesity nor to encourage people to become overweight. By the same token, I’m not writing this blog to celebrate eating disorders of any kind nor to encourage people to become underweight. To be perfectly frank, this blog is not at all about other people, what they’re up to or how they’re living. This blog is about me, and it exists for three specific reasons:

1) To help myself come to terms with the body I have now.
Over the years, I have faced my prodigious weight gain with a winning combination of categorical denial and total avoidance. My friends are prohibited from taking pictures of me. I never linger too long in front of a mirror. I am just extremely uncomfortable with how I look. Taking self-portraits on a (somewhat, maybe, I dunno) regular basis will, I hope, allow me to acknowledge and accept the body I have right now, or, at the very least, allow me to become more comfortable with appearing in photographs.

2) To spur my efforts to get healthy.
Let me be absolutely clear about why I want to get healthy: zombies. I’m not talking your George Romero, laggard, low-moaning zombies. I’m talking your fast-moving, rage virus, cougar-snarl zombies. When the shit comes down, I do not want to be an hors d’oeuvre at the people-eating party.

Maybe I’m being a little hyperbolic. How’s this: I just wanna feel fit. I wanna be able to dance all night or take a flight of stairs without getting winded. Having a fighting chance at whatever apocalyptic scenario eventually presents itself would merely be a bonus.

How does blogging support this goal? Once again: photographic evidence. Starting a diet and exercise program can be incredibly frustrating when you feel like you’re not making any progress. Keeping a record of how I look from week to week and month to month will allow me to see exactly what progress I’m making towards my goals.

3) To challenge myself to dress better.
Working for myself and working from home have led to some less than stellar grooming habits. I shower if when I feel like it, brush my hair with no particular frequency and spend most of each day in jammies and flip flops. Add to these tendencies the fact that designers and retailers have only just recently begun working on fashionable clothing for the plus size market (H&M coming soon and Marc Jacobs, too), and you have a recipe for one schlumpy looking lady.

Yet, despite the dearth of size-appropriate, fashiony clothing options and my proclivity for comfy pants – and, boy, do I love me some comfy pants – I have a closet full of actual, honest to god, wear-outside-the-house clothes that get no love. I am a bad person. Clothes need love, you guys. They need you to wear them. In wearing them, you fulfill them. It’s COSMIC.

I’m pretty sure you get how the blog supports this goal: the pictures again. No more hitting up the old standby outfits I wear on those rare occasions I leave the house. I’ll have to use a little creativity and wear things that maybe I haven’t worn in a while, or have even forgotten exist.

So, in summary, this blog exists to make me try.