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During some recent internet window shopping, I stumbled upon an unsettling trend: tiny hats. What is with these tiny hats? Are there women who fear their heads simply do not appear large enough and who must compensate by wearing a doll’s hat? Is “hydroencephalitic” a look we are actively attempting to cultivate? I am confused and befuddled. As a person with a rather enormous noggin, it has never occurred to me to accentuate this fact. “I have the head of a giant and mock your mortal accessories! They are as a child’s plaything to me! Look on my head, ye mighty, and despair!

Personally, I approach with apprehension any trend that can be traced back to Homer Simpson — particularly Homer Simpson as a prison snitch:

Though he does seem to be enjoying that tiny hat immensely.

From left to right:

Edited to Add: Tim & Eric recognized this market long ago: VIDEO.

P.S. No Weekend DIY this weekend, just video games! My copy of Dragon Age 2 arrived on Tuesday and I haven’t even opened it yet — unheard of in Mariebee gaming!


News of still more hot and steamy “sale-on-sale” action has lured me away from video games and onto the internet — a very rare occurrence. So, you know it’s gotta be good.

Everything in the Rachel Rachel Roy sale section is now an additional 30% off. Plus, there’s free shipping on orders of $75 or more. Sweet.

Behind the cut, a few items I would love to pick up for myself. Read the rest of this entry »

image via flickr user Joye~

In the United States, the third Monday of February is Presidents Day, a federal holiday to honor the birth of our nation’s first president, George Washington.

It is also a weekend of unprecedented savings. (You see what I did there? Huh? Yeah? Good one, right?) Yes, in these United States, we honor one of our founding fathers –– the commander in chief of the Continental Army that wrested our freedom from Britain in the American Revolution –– with a shameless glut of consumerism.

Who am I to besmirch such an honorable and longstanding tradition? Why, I would never dare! In fact, I embrace the mindless acquisition of material goods with the reckless abandon of a lemming sprinting off a cliff to its demise, which, by the way, doesn’t actually happen.

So, today, and possibly through the weekend, I bring you some very good deals, indeed, from online Presidents Day sales. First up, some practical picks from that favorite of the American career women, Ann Taylor. Read the rest of this entry »

A quick shopping post before OUTFITS GALORE!

Today, in honor of the upcoming Presidents’ Day holiday weekend, I made some purchases from the sale section of the ever-preppy, all-American — minus where the items are actually sourced and manufactured — J.Crew.

I ordered the Velvet Ruby Jacket in “weathered wood,” the Tuxedo End-on-End dress in “dark charcoal,” and the Merino Doré cardigan in “mansfield blue.”

Nothing’s classier than velvet, am I right? Think about it: Is there a classier medium for depicting the messiah? Could any medium be so classy that it could be used not only to depict the messiah in all his righteous glory, but to depict him standing next to jesus:

image via List of the Day

I think not. Velvet > All Other Artistic Media

I swear I’m not normally this crazed for shopping. It’s just that I’m in search of a new job and am handling my anxiety over the search by “preparing myself” for said new job by purchasing items that I feel will be appropriate for this totally imaginary, not-even-in-the-works, new job that please-oh-please-god I will get sometime soon.

It makes complete sense, really. No, you’re insane.

Here’s what I bought today:

Two of “the soft shirt” in “hazel” and “pavement” on sale at the Gap. [It’s a shirt with buttons! Like grown ups wear!] One pair of Swedish Hasbeens wedge heel clogs in “nature,” also on sale, but from

Looking back at all the color swatches I’ve pulled in previous posts, I have to say I dress in some pretty drab colors. Is it the weather? The economy? Whatever it is, I need to punch things up a bit. Technicolor Mariebee coming soon…

I enjoy shopping to an extent that borders on farce. Just slap me in a pink box, dye my hair blonde and call me Malibu Stacy, because my motto is: “Math is hard. Let’s go shopping.” [No joke, though, math is totally hard. I fucking hate that shit.]

I spend a shameful amount of time each day just browsing shopping sites for sales and deals. Sometimes I have a specific item or category of item in mind, but, more often than not, I’m just looking for that shopping fix. I am a sad, sad panda who likes to fill her sad, sad emotional void with stuff. But, it’s usually AWESOME stuff, so that’s good, right?

Anywho, today, like so many other days, I bought some stuff. Here’s what I got from Nordstrom Rack Online:

Two silk blouses in “taylor ivory” and “plum polish” (not pictured, but there’s a color swatch for you) on sale for, get this, $12.97 each. Two pairs of Pikolinos “Turin” mary jane pumps in brandy and black, on sale for $74.90 each — 50% off!

Nothing flashy or crazy impractical. In my mind, I made these purchases to prep myself for taking on a real job in a real office where people have to get dressed and wear real clothes. However, more likely explanations include “Ooooh, shoes!” and “$12.97? For reals?”

Have a nice Monday. You should probably buy that thing you were thinking about.