One thing that never seems to come out in my photos is my makeup. This is probably due to bad lighting, my “meh” lens, and the fact that I don’t wear very much makeup to begin with.

Well, I’ve decided that at least that last bit is going to change. I’m going to start wearing makeup. I’ve always enjoyed “playing makeup” anyways, but just never really made time for its daily application.

Besides, DID YOU KNOW:

According to TheGlassHammer, a website designed for women executives, “there is strong statistical evidence to show that women who wear make-up in business get better jobs and are promoted more quickly.” And a survey reported in The Times shows that “64 per cent of directors said that women who wore make-up look more professional and 18 per cent of directors said that women who do not wear make-up “look like they can’t be bothered to make an effort”. (via indyhiphop)

So, yeah… makeup.

Anywho, today I lined my eyes with a blue stila eyeshadow (from the Pro Artist Palette No. 1), using Make Up Forever’s Eye Seal and a standard eyeliner brush.

I haven’t figured out just how to take a makeup photo. Frankly, I’m still struggling with taking the regular photos. However, more to come, for sures.