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B– took sick on Friday, so my usual weekend schedule was preempted by tending to his general, sick-dude care and maintenance (i.e., ordering takeout and playing a fuckton of Lego Star Wars III with him). Needless to say, I fell a little behind on my blog posting.

So, in an effort to catch up, here are the images that would have made up my Week that Was post on Saturday. I believe they’re all from my new place of work, which is badass beyond imagining.

I’m charging up my DSLR’s battery tonight, so you can expect a new outfit post come tomorrow evening. I’m getting back on this blog train, everybody.

Hope you’re having a frank and productive week!


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Earlier this week I downloaded the Hipstamatic app for iPhone. It is super rad. I still kinda can’t get over how much we can do with a phone these days. I remember when cell phones came in bags the size of a pet carrier.

Anywho, pics from the week that was February 27 through March 5 behind the cut. Read the rest of this entry »