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Based on yesterday’s complete fail of a weather forecast, I decided that I would throw caution to the wind today and wear something I was more in the mood for — something springy and bright and fun. Something that would allow me to loom menacingly the way I was meant to. Something to fly in the face of the sturm und drang that the weather report had predicted and, needless to say, would fail to get right once again.

Well, I was wrong, so very wrong. It rained. It was cold. It was windy. And to top it all off, periodically I would forget that I was in platform wedges, then shift my weight or step on an uneven surface and nearly turn my ankle over and over again. I would just be standing there, talking to someone and – bloop! – ankle out. Or, I would be walking (in the rain) with a very important developer (whose project will be the first I get to manage) to a restaurant to grab lunch and – bloop! bloop! – both ankles out and I nearly fall in the crosswalk. Or maybe I would just be walking with my colleagues to go get some afternoon coffee and then – bloop! – ankle out and hot coffee spilled all over my hands.

My god, this outfit was spectacularly ill-advised.

And did I mention that I forgot an umbrella?

Tomorrow: Pants. The weather forecast calls for rain and I will not question it. I will wear pants to keep my legs warm and sensible shoes that will allow me to loom over no one and it will be fantastic.

Outfit components:

  • cotton twill wrap blouse from Ann Taylor.
  • silk floral skirt from Anthropologie.
  • black platform wedge sandals by Faryl Robin.
  • black trench by Michael Kors.

Yesterday I tried to nab the last of the dying light by taking pictures in the little portico area at the top of our stairs. Our house is painted a fluorescent peach hue not found in nature, if only for the fact that any and all naturally occurring instances of this color were destroyed utterly and instantly the moment any creature had the misfortune to happen upon them. It is a color that incites blinding, indiscriminate rage.

But, turns out that “death peach” (as I like to think of it) actually looks quite nice in the last rays of a San Francisco sunset. Whaddaya know.

Behind the cut, one picture in which I use the camouflaging effect of my zebra print dress to commune with animals, plus an outfit breakdown. Read the rest of this entry »

Up until a couple of years ago, there was no way in hell you could get me to wear a vintage article of clothing. You know why? Because somebody died in it.

That’s what that smell is.

A dead person.

Anywho, I’ve since overcome that whole sentiment and have begun shopping vintage fairly regularly. There are some things (cuts, proportions) that people just don’t seem to make anymore. Also, vintage shopping is a great, cost-effective way to follow fashion trends, which are frequently just rehashes of bygone trends themselves. For instance, if you read fashion blogs at all, you’ll know that the 70’s are really “having a moment” right now.

I tend to do my vintage shopping almost exclusively online [no smells! just pretty! leaving the house is for suckers!] and have managed to find some pretty rad stuff, including the above dress and hand-tooled leather clutch.

If someone did die in this dress, she died happy.

Outfit breakdown, another pic, and a shoe pic behind the cut. Read the rest of this entry »