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I know I said I would get crazy with the color this week, but I forgot that I have a couple of very important interviews to attend. These are the final interviews for positions that I’ve been pursuing for the last month, so I figured it would be better to err on the side of caution when it came to my clothing choices.

That said, today I stil did try to keep it on the colorful side with this purple dress and teal sweater combo. Not a stitch of black or khaki in sight. Yes, the grey tights and shoes from yesterday — the tights were in last night’s wash, swears — are a bit of a cheat, but, hey, when you find something that works, go with it. No sense adding any undue stress to an already stressful situation, just because, like, omg, I totally wore those shoes yesterday.

I also got to carry my laptop today, which is always a pleasure, thanks to the rad case and straps I have for it. The case itself, a BookBook from Twelve South, is already super cool, but what makes the whole thing over the top awesome are the leather straps I use to carry it. I spent a lot of time just lugging the BookBook around like an oversized, heavy clutch. But, after weeks of airport security lines, cross-country flights and hurried sprints through crowded subways, I came to realize that clutching a gargantuan leather book to my chest is something of an inconvenience and none too ergonomically sound. So, I had some leather straps custom made. They’re sort of a cross between a book strap and some picnic blanket straps, but ten times more awesome than either because I use them to contain the entire internet.

Don’t get me wrong, blankets are good, too, but less appropriate for a job interview situation.

Outfit components:

  • dress, sweater and belt from Anthropologie.
  • grey tights and grey shoes from every outfit post ever.
  • laptop case from Twelve South.
  • leather straps, custom made by CHOOCHCAT.
  • awesome dangly earrings handmade by Esma.

This morning I went downtown for a meeting with a potential employer. It went super awesome as far as I’m concerned, but who knows, really. One thing I love to do is get my hopes up. I’m like Marge in that Burly episode, when she hears that Chad Sexington is coming over for dinner:

Homer: “You better get your hopes up!”

Marge: “I WILL!”

Anywho, I knew this company would be a bunch of casually dressed dudes, so, I thought I would swap my usual dress-and-wedges combo for something more dude-ish. In other words: PANTS.

I’m not the biggest fan of pants. I don’t think they do a whole lot for me. Also, they’re just not as easy as a dress. Pull a dress over your head and you’re pretty much done, outfit complete. At most, you’ll need to add a cardigan and some shoes. Pull on a pair of pants and then you have to pick out a top and then maybe a cardigan and then, like, a belt. You also have to consider which shoes are the appropriate height for the length of your pant leg. Do the pants need ironing? Ironing sucks! Crease on the leg or flat front? Blouse tucked in or left out? It’s too much!

But, I still wore pants. To bring on the girly, I chose a purpley-pink lace blouse with a grosgrain ribbon belt. As luck would have it, I had a cardigan that appeared to match. Instead of a purse, I carried a little document portfolio. The end result: meh, my least favorite outfit on this blog so far. But, from what I’ve read, clothing choices for job interviews should be as innocuous and attention-deflecting as possible. You want them to remember you, not your outfit. Mission accomplished?

Behind the cut, oufit components plus pictures of accessories! I remembered to wear accessories! You can’t see them in the full-body pics, so I’m kinda wondering what the point of wearing them was at all… Read the rest of this entry »