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Based on yesterday’s complete fail of a weather forecast, I decided that I would throw caution to the wind today and wear something I was more in the mood for — something springy and bright and fun. Something that would allow me to loom menacingly the way I was meant to. Something to fly in the face of the sturm und drang that the weather report had predicted and, needless to say, would fail to get right once again.

Well, I was wrong, so very wrong. It rained. It was cold. It was windy. And to top it all off, periodically I would forget that I was in platform wedges, then shift my weight or step on an uneven surface and nearly turn my ankle over and over again. I would just be standing there, talking to someone and – bloop! – ankle out. Or, I would be walking (in the rain) with a very important developer (whose project will be the first I get to manage) to a restaurant to grab lunch and – bloop! bloop! – both ankles out and I nearly fall in the crosswalk. Or maybe I would just be walking with my colleagues to go get some afternoon coffee and then – bloop! – ankle out and hot coffee spilled all over my hands.

My god, this outfit was spectacularly ill-advised.

And did I mention that I forgot an umbrella?

Tomorrow: Pants. The weather forecast calls for rain and I will not question it. I will wear pants to keep my legs warm and sensible shoes that will allow me to loom over no one and it will be fantastic.

Outfit components:

  • cotton twill wrap blouse from Ann Taylor.
  • silk floral skirt from Anthropologie.
  • black platform wedge sandals by Faryl Robin.
  • black trench by Michael Kors.

This morning I went downtown for a meeting with a potential employer. It went super awesome as far as I’m concerned, but who knows, really. One thing I love to do is get my hopes up. I’m like Marge in that Burly episode, when she hears that Chad Sexington is coming over for dinner:

Homer: “You better get your hopes up!”

Marge: “I WILL!”

Anywho, I knew this company would be a bunch of casually dressed dudes, so, I thought I would swap my usual dress-and-wedges combo for something more dude-ish. In other words: PANTS.

I’m not the biggest fan of pants. I don’t think they do a whole lot for me. Also, they’re just not as easy as a dress. Pull a dress over your head and you’re pretty much done, outfit complete. At most, you’ll need to add a cardigan and some shoes. Pull on a pair of pants and then you have to pick out a top and then maybe a cardigan and then, like, a belt. You also have to consider which shoes are the appropriate height for the length of your pant leg. Do the pants need ironing? Ironing sucks! Crease on the leg or flat front? Blouse tucked in or left out? It’s too much!

But, I still wore pants. To bring on the girly, I chose a purpley-pink lace blouse with a grosgrain ribbon belt. As luck would have it, I had a cardigan that appeared to match. Instead of a purse, I carried a little document portfolio. The end result: meh, my least favorite outfit on this blog so far. But, from what I’ve read, clothing choices for job interviews should be as innocuous and attention-deflecting as possible. You want them to remember you, not your outfit. Mission accomplished?

Behind the cut, oufit components plus pictures of accessories! I remembered to wear accessories! You can’t see them in the full-body pics, so I’m kinda wondering what the point of wearing them was at all… Read the rest of this entry »

I swear I’m not normally this crazed for shopping. It’s just that I’m in search of a new job and am handling my anxiety over the search by “preparing myself” for said new job by purchasing items that I feel will be appropriate for this totally imaginary, not-even-in-the-works, new job that please-oh-please-god I will get sometime soon.

It makes complete sense, really. No, you’re insane.

Here’s what I bought today:

Two of “the soft shirt” in “hazel” and “pavement” on sale at the Gap. [It’s a shirt with buttons! Like grown ups wear!] One pair of Swedish Hasbeens wedge heel clogs in “nature,” also on sale, but from

Looking back at all the color swatches I’ve pulled in previous posts, I have to say I dress in some pretty drab colors. Is it the weather? The economy? Whatever it is, I need to punch things up a bit. Technicolor Mariebee coming soon…

I enjoy shopping to an extent that borders on farce. Just slap me in a pink box, dye my hair blonde and call me Malibu Stacy, because my motto is: “Math is hard. Let’s go shopping.” [No joke, though, math is totally hard. I fucking hate that shit.]

I spend a shameful amount of time each day just browsing shopping sites for sales and deals. Sometimes I have a specific item or category of item in mind, but, more often than not, I’m just looking for that shopping fix. I am a sad, sad panda who likes to fill her sad, sad emotional void with stuff. But, it’s usually AWESOME stuff, so that’s good, right?

Anywho, today, like so many other days, I bought some stuff. Here’s what I got from Nordstrom Rack Online:

Two silk blouses in “taylor ivory” and “plum polish” (not pictured, but there’s a color swatch for you) on sale for, get this, $12.97 each. Two pairs of Pikolinos “Turin” mary jane pumps in brandy and black, on sale for $74.90 each — 50% off!

Nothing flashy or crazy impractical. In my mind, I made these purchases to prep myself for taking on a real job in a real office where people have to get dressed and wear real clothes. However, more likely explanations include “Ooooh, shoes!” and “$12.97? For reals?”

Have a nice Monday. You should probably buy that thing you were thinking about.