It’s another rainy Monday here in San Francisco and stupid daylight savings has only exacerbated the sleepy/lazy/stay-in-jammies mood that I’ve been in. Screw you, any place but bed.

But, the need to update this blog has spurred me (as intended) into rolling out from under the covers and into a reasonable approximation of presentable clothing. Given the weather forecast (rain with a chance of more rain), I’ve decided that I’m going to get all kinds of colorful this week, putting together technicolor outfits to span both the visual spectrum and the spectrum of good taste.

This is my first attempt. Not over the top colorful, I admit, but I’m taking baby steps.

I can’t shake the feeling that this outfit looks a little “granny.” Is it the witchy shoes? The grey tights? The spinning wheel subtly lurking in the background? Who can say? Perhaps it’s simply that I’m wearing a vintage dress and the spirit of the person who undoubtedly died in it is tainting me with her granny-esque presence. Alternatively, I am just being a grumpy, gloomy gus today.

Outfit components:

  • purple vintage floral dress purchased from Thrush.
  • purple sweater from Old Navy.
  • woven leather belt from Urban Outfitters.
  • grey “Tight-End Tights” from Spanx.
  • grey booties from Donald J. Pliner.
  • grey “Elizabeth” bag from Furla.
  • raincoat from Nordstrom.
  • pretty little chrysanthemum earrings (impossible to see) handmade by Shizen Designs.


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During some recent internet window shopping, I stumbled upon an unsettling trend: tiny hats. What is with these tiny hats? Are there women who fear their heads simply do not appear large enough and who must compensate by wearing a doll’s hat? Is “hydroencephalitic” a look we are actively attempting to cultivate? I am confused and befuddled. As a person with a rather enormous noggin, it has never occurred to me to accentuate this fact. “I have the head of a giant and mock your mortal accessories! They are as a child’s plaything to me! Look on my head, ye mighty, and despair!

Personally, I approach with apprehension any trend that can be traced back to Homer Simpson — particularly Homer Simpson as a prison snitch:

Though he does seem to be enjoying that tiny hat immensely.

From left to right:

Edited to Add: Tim & Eric recognized this market long ago: VIDEO.

P.S. No Weekend DIY this weekend, just video games! My copy of Dragon Age 2 arrived on Tuesday and I haven’t even opened it yet — unheard of in Mariebee gaming!

This is my srs bsns face.

It was a very busy day, so, unfortunately, I only had time for a quick outfit pic as I was heading out the door to another round of interviews. In total, I spent 3 hours jawing to two different companies about myself, video games and my interest in video games. I’m a bit hoarse.

Tried to keep it simple and unassuming with the outfit. I briefly considered wearing pants again to the all-male company, but decided that they’d figure out I’m a girl at some point, so… screw it. They figured out I’m a girl, alright. Several questions centered around my gender in interesting ways…

Anywho, outfit components:

Mariebee out.

I seriously only put this outfit together because I thought it would make a great showcase for my shoes. OMG, these shoes. I heart them with the burning passion of a million fiery suns (which would totally match, cuz, omg, these shoes.) Accessory pics and outfit breakdown after the cut. Read the rest of this entry »

Another day, another million little hassles. Paper cuts, shoe scuffs, running out of toilet paper — it’s a wonder you can overcome the paralyzing fear of what new terrors await you in the world and even get out of bed in the morning. I applaud you, ladies and gentleman, for having the courage and perseverance simply to exist. Clap, clap, clap.

I, too, find everyday existence kind of a struggle. It’s the little things that get you, you know? Well, today I’d like to share with you three simple solutions to those little things that get you. These items help spare my sanity on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »

This morning I went downtown for a meeting with a potential employer. It went super awesome as far as I’m concerned, but who knows, really. One thing I love to do is get my hopes up. I’m like Marge in that Burly episode, when she hears that Chad Sexington is coming over for dinner:

Homer: “You better get your hopes up!”

Marge: “I WILL!”

Anywho, I knew this company would be a bunch of casually dressed dudes, so, I thought I would swap my usual dress-and-wedges combo for something more dude-ish. In other words: PANTS.

I’m not the biggest fan of pants. I don’t think they do a whole lot for me. Also, they’re just not as easy as a dress. Pull a dress over your head and you’re pretty much done, outfit complete. At most, you’ll need to add a cardigan and some shoes. Pull on a pair of pants and then you have to pick out a top and then maybe a cardigan and then, like, a belt. You also have to consider which shoes are the appropriate height for the length of your pant leg. Do the pants need ironing? Ironing sucks! Crease on the leg or flat front? Blouse tucked in or left out? It’s too much!

But, I still wore pants. To bring on the girly, I chose a purpley-pink lace blouse with a grosgrain ribbon belt. As luck would have it, I had a cardigan that appeared to match. Instead of a purse, I carried a little document portfolio. The end result: meh, my least favorite outfit on this blog so far. But, from what I’ve read, clothing choices for job interviews should be as innocuous and attention-deflecting as possible. You want them to remember you, not your outfit. Mission accomplished?

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