Here are the results from my Weekend DIY: Shoe Clips. For this project, I purchased nothing new, using only items I had lying around the house. Even the shoe clip findings themselves were simply a poking-around-in-the-garage find. I purchased them some years ago from Rings & Things, where they’re still available and run as little as 90 cents per dozen, depending upon the quantity you order.

The only other item essential to making shoe clips out of pretty much anything was a tube of Amazing GOOP: Craft adhesive:

Behind the cut, what I made and how I made them.

In the same container as the shoe clip backs, I found a stash of random buttons and beads. These were first up in my shoe-clip-making jag. Using the “Amazing Goop,” I secured the shoe clip backs to each bead/button, then added a piece of felt to the opposite side of the clip back for a little added staying power and to protect my shoes from the metal of the shoe clip. I did this to all the shoe clips I made, regardless of material.

I didn’t spend too much time making them pretty, though, and it shows. If you really want to step it up, I would suggest cutting out little shapes (hearts, flowers, stars) from oil cloth. I imagine that would be far more attractive.

For my second batch of shoe clips, I made yo-yos using a Clover Yo-Yo Maker and some scrap fabric. I kinda have a thing for yo-yos. Once again, just some adhesive and a bit of felt on back seemed to do the trick.

For my final batch, I thought I’d try using some of these totally nuts neon pompoms that I also found in the garage. Why the hell did I ever purchase these? What delirious intentions could I possibly have had for them? I have no idea. However, I have to admit that they made for my absolute favorite shoe clips of all.

They’re a little crazy and I love them. Will I ever wear them? Doubtful. But they really are so fun.

Shoes pictured in this post, from top:

  • strappy sandals by Tahari.
  • snakeskin print pumps by Joan & David available on Endless.
  • black low heel maryjanes by Via Spiga — pssst, they’re having a 70% off clearance sale right now!
  • low heel, heart print, maryjane d’orsay pumps by Marc Jacobs.