I don’t really know how to sew. I keep meaning to read a book or take a class, but both of those sound like a serious infringement upon time I could be playing video games. Imagine me weighing the options in either hand. Video games? Sewing? VIDEO GAMES.

Anywho, my ignorance of sewing and love of video games have not prevented me from buying tons and tons of rad fabrics that I am so sure I will use one day. To maintain some semblance of control and/or storage space, I have recently limited myself to purchasing only from the fabric remnants bin. This way, I know I’m only getting a wee bit of a fabric (less of an impact on my storage space), I’m spending less money (most stores discount fabric remnants), and I get to be all MacGuyver about whatever I end up making (improvising a project with whatever materials are close at hand).

What I did with this particular batch of fabrics requires absolutely no skills whatsoever. But, in addition to the fabrics themselves, I did whip out the sewing machine at two points and I also purchased these awesome plastic slide buckles. I can’t remember where I purchased these particular buckles, but you can find similar buckles on M&J Trim and eBay.

I did the obvious thing, of course, and made scarf-type things. [I love scarves. You may have read that I think scarves are essential to human survival.] Obvious and simple, yes, but I am still quite happy with the results. Check them out behind the cut.

I did absolutely nothing to the lace fabric besides wash it. When I wear it, I wrap it once around my throat and then thread the ends into the slide buckle as shown above. It’s not itchy at all and always adds a little texture/pattern to whatever I’m wearing, which is especially welcome since I tend to wear a lot of solid colors.

For the blue fabric, I broke out the sewing machine and sewed a tight zigzag stitch around the perimeter, before washing. I was hoping this would allow the edges to fray and look fringy, and you can kinda see it happening in places, but it hasn’t quite yet achieved the look I was going for. Hopefully, a few more washings will take care of that. Anyway, just like the lace fabric, when I wear this, I loop it around my neck and pull the ends through a slide buckle. Easy.

I love this pink organza. I thought I would step it up a little and try actually making something with it. I folded it over and sewed a straight stitch along the bottom to create a tube. I then sewed the ends together to form a snood, or cowl or infinity scarf or whatever they’re called. When I wear it, I usually pull it on, twist it at the front to double it around my neck. I also wear it straight up, no twist, which I think looks especially nice under a jacket:

Alrighty! FRIDAY! Gonna go figure out what my Weekend DIY will be. See you in a bit. Maybe I should, like, take a shower and get dressed, too. Hmmm…