As promised, over the weekend I attempted the Hex Nut Bracelet DIY project from Honestly…WTF. It didn’t go quite as smoothly as I anticipated. For one thing, the twine I purchased was very slick (I thought it would feel nicer against the skin) and simply didn’t have enough texture to help me keep the hex nuts in place as a I braided. For another, my small, local hardware store offered a rather limited selection of hex nuts, so those that I purchased were a little on the large side.

Still, I was determined to make this project work. So, instead of twine, I dug into my stash of fabric remnants and pulled out a cream colored, poly shantung fabric to go with the brass hex nuts. No careful measuring or cutting here, just the ol’ snip-and-rip method for making the fabric strips. I braided the hex nuts (too) loosely into strips and this was the end result…

For my second bracelet, I thought I’d up the ante by attempting a graduated effect with various sizes of hex nuts. I chose some green grosgrain ribbon I found in the same fabric stash for the braid. I cut the ribbon much longer than the fabric strips, so that I could wrap the bracelet twice around my wrist:

I think this one turned out much better. One of these days, I may even attempt a few more ribbon bracelets with the hex nuts I have leftover.

Speaking of leftovers, having made the mistake of choosing comfort over practicality, I had about 640 feet of surplus twine on my hands.

So, in an effort to somehow justify my purchase of said twine, I braided a few strands into some silver chains I had on hand to make the following necklaces:

These were stupefyingly easy to make. For the white necklace, I just braided the left-hand strand of twine into alternating links of the chain. For the yellow necklace, again, I alternated links, but doubled up, threading the twine through each link twice. Looking back, I clearly made some braiding mistakes, but … feh. Not too bad for an impromptu project. I might actually wear them. If you feel like attempting something similar, here are a few tips:

  • Apply tape to the ends of your twine to prevent unravelling while braiding.
  • Secure one end of the chain to your work area to keep it from rolling around.
  • Apply some fray check to the ends of your twine once you’re done.
  • Don’t buy so much twine next time, dummy.

Have a frank and productive Monday.